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When you attend our full day workshops all materials and meals – morning and afternoon teas as well as lunch – are included. This makes it easy for you to come along and enjoy the day. Our workshops and classes are held in the comfort of our air-conditioned Studio. 

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Weekly Classes in the Studio

Term Two 2022

Due to illness our weekly classes for Term Two have been put on hold. Keep checking in here over the coming weeks for when things will kick off again!

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Create Books with Kerrie Bowles

    In this six-week course students will explore the art of making books. Students will initiate and work with self-determined personal themes throughout the six weeks to create books that are unique to each student. We will begin by collecting ideas and inspiration for your book and gathering materials ready to create. Next we will look at ways of applying marks, images, colour and ideas to papers as an integral element to be incorporated into a book. We will explore simple book forms such as the accordion fold and pamphlet stitch that open up all sorts of opportunities for creative books. Simple enough to be made in a relatively short time but complex enough to become artist’s books, story books, sketching journals, travel journals and diaries. Making covers for the books will be explored as an essential part of the whole book form.

    Essential to book making is an understanding of the materials used – paper, boards, threads, etc. and the tools used in bookmaking. Students will gain knowledge of the properties and use of materials, the correct way to use tools and how to combine these to achieve a beautiful book. Access to beautiful papers for book making is included in the materials cost.

    At the end of six weeks each student will have one or more beautiful and unique books.

    Cost: $250.00 includes all materials

    Classes commences Monday 14th February 9:00 – 12:00

    Class limit of six students

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Collage as Art with Kerrie Bowles

    Collage is an exciting and diverse art form which includes cut and paste, digital work, assemblage, mixed media, photomontage and so on. Cut and paste (or more formally known as analogue) collage artists around the world use a wide range of materials to create their work – old and new papers from books, magazines, journals, etc; paper ephemera, photographs, book covers, cardboard, old packaging and so on.  Join Kerrie for six weeks and explore the history of collage in art, how to use analogue collage to create artworks, how to use unusual materials to create collages, how to incorporate collage into mixed media or stand alone art, and how to utilise collage in creating cards, art journals, handmade books and so on.

    Over six weeks students will explore a multitude of techniques and styles to create unique collages. We will look at layering and transfer techniques, selecting papers, the importance of and types of glues, designing collages, altering papers, cutting techniques, creating a story and so much more. Students will build a library of examples over the six weeks as a record of techniques and materials used in class, as well as many completed collages.

    Cost: $250 includes all materials

    Classes commence Monday 14th February 2:00 – 5:00

    Class limit of six students

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    The Art of Play and Getting Serious with Kerrie Bowles

    In this six-week course students will go deeper into exploring playfulness in art making. We will continue to work with mark making, building layers, exploring alternative ways of combining media and working on various surfaces.

    Students will create a series of work on both boards and paper and based on prompts supplied. The prompts will then be investigated and interpreted individually by each student. The goal of these classes is to build your skills whilst committing to a body of work that will see fruition throughout the six weeks. A critical part of the classes is self-appraisal along with feedback from others.

    This course is open to students who have previously completed The Art of Play with Kerrie.

    Cost: $250.00 includes all materials

    Classes commence Tuesday 15th February 9:00 – 12:00

    Class limit of six students

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Studio Printmaking Series with Kerrie Bowles

    2022 will see a focus on Printmaking in the Studio and we’re excited to say that we’ve recently acquired a wonderful printing press to add to our Studio equipment! Each term Kerrie will be offering a block of classes exploring a deep dive into one method of this diverse art form.

    In Term 1 we’re exploring relief printing. Traditionally the most common forms of relief printing are printing with lino and woodblock.

    Students will investigate lino and/or Ezy Carve blocks which is an easier material to carve for anyone with difficulties in hand strength. Over the six weeks students will be guided on how to design art for prints; learn correct methods of carving blocks and looking after tools; learn how to print multiple coloured blocks, how to register the prints for accuracy, and add colour by hand; learn how to use a printing press and how to print at home without a press; learn about the intricacies of printing editions of prints; and much, much more.

    Join Kerrie for this exciting start to 2022 and explore the wonderful art of printmaking.

    Cost: $250.00 includes all materials

    Classes commence Wednesday 16th February 9:00 – 12:00

    Class limit of six students



    Classes commence Wednesday 16th February 2:00 – 5:00pm

    Class limit of six students – 3 SPOTS LEFT

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Life Drawing Sessions

    We will be holding regular life drawing sessions throughout 2022 in the Studio and we have booked our model for three dates during Term 1. These sessions are not a workshop or class but rather an opportunity to come together with other artists – regardless of experience – and enjoy three hours of drawing from a live model. Kerrie will be in the Studio (and will be drawing too!) and will be available for advice and a short chat with everyone at the end of each session, however this will be an informal gathering.

    The fee for each session includes model fee, use of the Studio space and equipment including easels and drawing boards with clips, along with tea, coffee and milk for morning tea. Students bring their own drawing materials – there will be some materials including paper available for sale if you need to top up your supplies.

    You can book now for one or all sessions to secure your spot.

    Cost: $30 per session (3 hours). Maximum of 6 artists. Minimum number of 4 artists required for each session.

    Thursdays 9:00 – 12:00 each day

    17th February – SOLD OUT

    24th March – SOLD OUT

    28th April – SOLD OUT

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One Day Workshops in the Studio

Term Two 2022 – coming soon.

  • September workshops

    Saturday 19th March - Slam Felting, let the journey begin with Diane Nixon

    We are so excited to add a completely new workshop to our line-up in the Studio and we’ve managed to find a date this term to pop it into our program. Many of you know of Di Nixon of Divanix fame as Di regularly exhibits her beautiful jewellery and stunning felted scarves and wraps with us in the Gallery. Di recently won the coveted Lower Clarence Arts and Crafts Association’s Phyllis Austen award with one of her beautiful silk wraps.

    Well…….now we’ve persuaded Di to share her talents with our creative community and she will be running a half day felting workshop with us this term. In 3 hours students will create small felted pieces which will be patchworked together to make a larger piece to create a small scarf or textile artwork. This technique is simple and can be easily replicated at home with minimal materials and tools. And the best part is it’s loads of fun and you’ll be making something stunning in no time!

    Please note – this is a half day workshop and includes morning tea only.

    Cost: $75.00 includes all materials and morning tea (no lunch)

    Workshop Hours: 10:00am – 1:00pm

    Space is limited so jump in quick to grab your spot!

  • September workshops

    Saturday 28th May - Building a Painting with Harry Westera

    Be a ‘visual thinker’ not just a copyist.

    Creating a painting is more than copying. A great painting always involves selecting and simplifying. Creating a coherent colour scheme. Simplifying the tones. Having one main pictorial idea. Developing a unified, overall design or composition which holds it all together.

    If you have already developed some basic watercolour skills, this one-day workshop will help you develop your own individual process and style.

    Bring your own photo images. We will consider why the image is attractive to you: what is the big idea? Consider what to put in, what to leave out. How to simplify. Try a few preliminary ‘thumbnail’ sketches to identify the best unified design. You will then work through to painting a finished watercolour.

    Cost: $150.00 includes all materials, lunch and morning tea

    Workshop Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00pm

  • September workshops

    Saturday 25th June - Drawing Realistically with Harry Westera

    Are you looking to develop your observational skills and improve your drawing from the world around you? In this workshop Harry will teach you the foundational skills you need to train your eye and learn to see what’s in front of you. Through careful observation you can learn to draw objects, places and people with accurate proportions leading to realistic drawings from real life. Harry will guide you through techniques and foundational skills to help you develop your visual perception and ways of drawing. This workshop is suitable for all levels of students from beginners to those with a few more skills looking to gain more experience.

    Cost: $150.00 includes all materials, lunch and morning tea

    Workshop Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00pm

  • September workshops

    POSTPONED DUE TO FLOODING - Towards Fifty Ways to Print Your Etching with Christine Porter


    In the early days of traditional etching with metal and acid, once the plate was etched: that was it. These days, many techniques have been introduced that augment the etched mark. Christine has counted more than 50 different processes to ink, wipe or print a plate before it needs to be changed permanently. This workshop is about those processes and we’ll work towards 50 ways. In the time we have, we’ll experiment, explore and extend our understanding, using drypoint plates made on the day, or our own pre-etched plates. We’ll put all the learning into a useful studio resource book, or you can work on your own project. Topics include selective wiping, multi-plate processes, masking, edges, and ways to add colour such as chine colle and watercolour monoprint. This will be a small class to ensure everyone has ample working space and attention.

    Cost: $450.00 plus $20 material fee payable to tutor. Fee includes lunches, morning and afternoon teas over the 3 days

    Workshop hours 10:00am – 4:00pm each day

  • September workshops

    POSTPONED DUE TO FLOODING - Saturday 16th April – Advanced Cyanotypes with Raimond de Weerdt


    This workshop is for those who have completed the introduction to the Cyanotype process and want to take the art of the blue print a step further to create a suite of prints that are exhibition ready.

    We will be working through techniques of double coating, selective double coating, double exposure and layering to take your cyanotypes to the next level. We will also be looking at how to create a series of visually interrelated works that are ready to be exhibited and admired! This workshop is suitable for Intermediate students who have completed Raimond’s introduction workshop to Cyanotype.

    Cost: $150.00 includes most materials.

    Workshop hours 10:00am – 4:00pm

  • September workshops

    New Date to be advised soon - Colour Confidence with Kerrie Bowles

    Working with and understanding colour is a magical process but one that many people struggle with. Kerrie has been teaching The Secrets of Colour to students in her weekly classes over the past two years and has had many requests for a weekend workshop – so here it is! If you struggle with mixing paint and often end up with ‘mud’, then this workshop is for you!

    In this intensive workshop you will not only learn the theory of colour but also how to use colours that create confidence in your art making process. We will spend two days doing a deep dive into understanding how paints work, how to simplify your paint choices to create any colour you desire (and save money!), how to work with colour to create successful and confident palettes and how to love mud – yes mud is beautiful when you know how to use it correctly!  Join Kerrie for two days of colourful fun!

    Cost: $300.00 includes most materials

    Workshop Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00pm

    Expressions of interest being taken – please email us.

  • Experienced Teachers

    All our teachers are practising artists who have extensive training combined with many years of experience. You can be assured that you will receive expert tuition and bucket loads of inspiration.
  • Beautiful Environment

    Our renovated church nestled on the banks of the Clarence River is the perfect setting for a relaxed and creative day out. Enjoy our beautiful space whilst learning new skills and relaxing by the river.
  • Delicious Food

    We provide wholesome food and drinks throughout the day to keep your energy levels high. All our food features home style baking with delicious lunches using as many local ingredients as possible - some grown in our own gardens!

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