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When you attend our full day workshops all materials and meals – morning and afternoon teas as well as lunch – are included. This makes it easy for you to come along and enjoy the day. Our workshops and classes are held in the comfort of our air-conditioned Studio. 

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Weekly Classes in the Studio

Term Four 2021

Term 4 will operate in a different way to how we normally take enrolments. As usual, we will be offering a variety of classes and we’ll be looking at blocks of three weeks at a time and asking you to commit to attending for those three weeks.

If you are interested in a class just send us your name and we’ll guarantee you a spot for those three dates.

Payment – we won’t be taking payment up front as we normally do – students will pay each week when they arrive for class – prices here are for one week’s class.

At the end of the three weeks we’ll take bookings for the following three weeks and operate in the same manner. 

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Watercolour Groups with Harry Westera

    This term Harry will present a stand alone lesson each week. Students will explore many aspects of watercolour painting and each week will be an exploration into the the wonderful world of watercolour painting. Harry will cater for all levels of experience – from the beginner to the more experienced painter.

    Get in early as Harry’s classes fill up quickly!

    Cost: $35.00 per week  class

    Three Mondays – 18th October, 25th October, 1st November

    Two groups:

    9:00am – 11:30am 

    12:30 – 3:00pm 

    Students to bring their own materials.

    There will be some watercolour supplies available for purchase in the Studio. We have Cotman paints, good quality watercolour papers and a limited range of brushes.

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Mixed Media Magic with Kerrie Bowles

    These classes are for those who wish to start or continue their journey with mixed media and acrylic painting to create artworks. Each week Kerrie will present a stand alone class exploring aspects of painting and mixed media which students can then use to further their own investigation using these techniques.

    Cost: $40 per class includes most materials

    Three Wednesdays – 20th October, 27th October, 3rd November

    9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Creativity Club with Kerrie Bowles

    Join Kerrie for Creativity Club! Each week we will focus on ways to think creatively, explore new ways of working, investigate other artist’s working methods and thinking, and challenge ourselves. There’ll be practical tasks or explorations that can then lead to new ways of working, and opportunity for students to self direct their art making across a range of media. This club is for those who wish to delve deeper into why we make art and how this can guide our own language as artists. Use this opportunity to work with Kerrie to further your own areas of interest in your art making.

    Cost: $40.00 per class includes most materials

    Three Wednesdays – 20th October, 27th October, 3rd November

    1:00 – 4:00pm

  • Weekly Classes Dates and Details

    Printmaking Sessions with Kerrie Bowles

    Printmaking in the Studio – there’s so much to explore! Kerrie will focus initially on the technique of monoprinting and the many ways this can be utilised to create unique prints from materials and tools easily accessible at home. We will cover how to incorporate this technique with other techniques of art making such as collage. During these sessions we will also look at the history of printmaking, artists whose practice in is this field and how to develop our own practice. After monoprinting we will look at further printmaking techniques guided by our group.

    Cost: $40.00 per class includes most materials

    Three Thursdays – 21st October, 28th October, 4th November

    1:00 – 4:00pm

One Day Workshops in the Studio

Term Four 2021

  • September workshops

    15, 16, 17 October - Towards Fifty Ways to Print Your Etching with Christine Porter

    In the early days of traditional etching with metal and acid, once the plate was etched: that was it. These days, many techniques have been introduced that augment the etched mark. Christine has counted more than 50 different processes to ink, wipe or print a plate before it needs to be changed permanently. This workshop is about those processes and we’ll work towards 50 ways. In the time we have, we’ll experiment, explore and extend our understanding, using drypoint plates made on the day, or our own pre-etched plates. We’ll put all the learning into a useful studio resource book, or you can work on your own project. Topics include selective wiping, multi-plate processes, masking, edges, and ways to add colour such as chine colle and watercolour monoprint. This will be a small class to ensure everyone has ample working space and attention.

    Cost: $450.00 plus $20 material fee payable to tutor. Fee includes lunches, morning and afternoon teas over the 3 days

    Workshop hours 10:00am – 4:00pm each day


  • September workshops

    Saturday 30th October – Advanced Cyanotypes with Raimond de Weerdt

    This workshop is for those who have completed the introduction to the Cyanotype process and want to take the art of the blue print a step further to create a suite of prints that are exhibition ready.

    We will be working through techniques of double coating, selective double coating, double exposure and layering to take your cyanotypes to the next level. We will also be looking at how to create a series of visually interrelated works that are ready to be exhibited and admired! This workshop is suitable for Intermediate students who have completed Raimond’s introduction workshop to Cyanotype.

    Cost: $150.00 includes most materials.

    Workshop hours 10:00am – 4:00pm


  • September workshops

    Saturday 6th November - Exploring Mixed media with Kerrie Bowles

    Mixed media is a phrase that is used to describe artworks that utilise many types of media. This workshop is designed to introduce students to a variety of ways of working in various media and how this can be incorporated into future artwork. This is not so much a workshop where you will go home with a finished artwork but more a workshop where you get to experiment with a range of media, techniques and ways of combining these to create interesting results. We will explore image transfers, stencils – making and using, combining unusual mixtures of media types, simple printing, plus lots more. Students will go home with many samples of mixed media and a whole swag of ideas! This workshop is suitable for anyone who has an interest in using mixed media as a means for creating individual artwork or to add to other projects such as journaling and bookmaking.

    Cost: $150.00 includes all materials

    Workshop Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00pm


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  • Experienced Teachers

    All our teachers are practising artists who have extensive training combined with many years of experience. You can be assured that you will receive expert tuition and bucket loads of inspiration.
  • Beautiful Environment

    Our renovated church nestled on the banks of the Clarence River is the perfect setting for a relaxed and creative day out. Enjoy our beautiful space whilst learning new skills and relaxing by the river.
  • Delicious Food

    We provide wholesome food and drinks throughout the day to keep your energy levels high. All our food features home style baking with delicious lunches using as many local ingredients as possible - some grown in our own gardens!

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